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Aarongehrke 7 days ago

Crawfish Monica Ribeye

It was absolutely the best steak I've ever had and I'm not just saying that ! I had many amazing steak dinners but this was over the top delicious to the last bite ! the host pared My wine perfectly ! Thank you for a great experience. See you again soon !

Udjones 15 days ago

Chicken Andouille Gumbo

This dish didnt miss any spice or seasoning as if you were in lousiana or new orleans the atmosphere of this establishment is so peaceful and serene.. A must try you will enjoy.

Joshmendiola1st 21 days ago

Ooey Gooey 'Better than Sex' Cake

After eating appetizers, entrees, and drinking old fashioneds, this cake was the best thing to balance all the savory and delicious food. This dessert is composed of a big scoop of cold vanilla ice cream on top of a warm yellow cake with some banana frosting on top of the cake and a pool of chocolate sauce around the cake. I loved the contrast of warmth and cold topped with the sauce. Even though we were really full from everything we ate, this was the perfect way to end the experience.

Rksabatchi 21 days ago

Crab Cake + Chicken Skin

This is a small dish that can be shared between two people. The crab was cooked well and the chicken skin was really good and crispy. It sits in a pool of marinara sauce and has a ball of truffle goat cheese. I thought the contrast between the soft tenderness of the crab and the crunchy fried chicken skin was interesting. Eaten along with the sauce and cheese made for a very different kinds of flavors.

Rksabatchi 21 days ago

Alligator Andouille Cheesecake

Definitely one of the best dishes on the menu. The cheesecake is savory and rich in flavor. It is perfect to share between two people. The creaminess of the crawfish cream and pieces of crawfish intertwined beautifully with the thickness of the cheesecake and really elevated the flavor profile of the dish. A must try dish. It really reminded me of New Orleans but with a twist.

Maldoolan 25 days ago

Shrimp Sliders

Delicious! The strip was seasoned and cooked perfectly and the biscuits were extra tasty.

Jenlgol 28 days ago

Catfish Wild Magnolia Ettoufee

Perfectly cooked and delicious!

Seealanvegas about 1 month ago

My Mama's Fried Chicken

One thing you know always to be true. You can never go wrong with Mama's Chicken. The combination of spices and flavor will have you believe Mama taught a cooking class that included the Colonel Sanders, Popeye's, and the Chick-fil-A Guy. Here's what you're in for. 2 perfectly seasoned Chicken Wings so big they're still fighting for room on the plate. A Chicken Thigh you'll post on Instagram as soon as you see it. Mama gave that Chicken extra love when she decided to drizzle a sweet garlic chili syrup drizzle over the Chicken. I know you're already in food heaven but Mama has more for her baby. Add along a Garlic Cheddar Biscuit. You've just had a homemade meal from Mama herself and what else is there to feel you're happy and loved.

Connie about 1 month ago

Jenny Got Catfished Again

This restaurant is one of the best kept secrets in San Diego! I'm a San Diego native and I use to reside in New Orleans and let me tell you, this is the closest authentic Creole/Cajun food you'll get here in San Diego. The food is flavored with all the right spices. The service is amazing and food prices won't put a hole in your pocket. If you can't get to New Orleans but always wanted to sample their cuisine, this is the perfect restaurant for you! You. Won't. Be. Disappointed!

Officiallyremy about 2 months ago

Parmesan Chicken Skins

I was turned off by the name but my hubby ordered it anyway. So of course I had to try it because it had it. Those are wife duties :). Omg it was mouth watering. Like who thought of frying chicken skin to perfection and melting cheese on it? It was sooo good. Get it. You will never forget it.

Scarlett about 2 months ago

Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

We ordered these to share right before the main course, and they were fantastic! They come with some sort of sweet spread with spices in it that makes them even more fantastic.

Antonio about 2 months ago

Gene's Po Boy

I'm from N'awlins and the food is on point. My wife had the Dookey Chase, my son had Mr.Q's BBQ Shrimp and I had Gene's Po Boy. When the Saints play, a raffle is held. Good food,good drinks and good vibes. I recommend this place to anyone and their family. Laissez les bon temp rouler!

Louisiana about 2 months ago

Peaches & Scallops

The peaches and scallops were a surprise delight. I didn't expect the peaches, latke, and scallops to go together but they all worked together in layers, individually, and in different combinations of textures and flavors. I'd highly recommend. Although, the alligator cheesecake still blew it out of the water.

Jamie about 2 months ago

Shrimp Sliders

If you're looking for beautiful, small bites, with big taste, ORDER THE SHRIMP SLIDERS! The crispy coating on the shrimp is layered with flavor. The sauce adds an extra experience. Unfortunately, these are designed to share... I don't. They are too good, get your own!

Hankblum4 10 days ago

North Park Gumbo Yaya

Out of this world Gumbo! A deep, rich, almost smokey, reaux carries all of the flavors through.

Gina 19 days ago

Peaches & Scallops

First visit to the Louisiana Purchase! Had a great pre birthday dinner and drinks! Sorry we missed Tony the bartender, will catch y next visit! Thanks for the fun and delicious meal!

Rksabatchi 21 days ago

Crawfish Monica Ribeye

I loved the surf and turf pairing of the crawfish with the ribeye and how the sauce was on top of the meat and dripped down. It is a very seasoned dish. However, I wish the dish came with at least one side because it was just the ribeye and the crawfish sauce on top.

Rksabatchi 21 days ago


A French 75 has always been my favorite cocktail, and the 75 they make here is very delicious and well balanced. I opted for gin because it is classic and really brings out the flavors of the drink. It is a very easy drink to consume, so if you are not a big drinker and want something that's not too fruity but not too strong, this is your best bet. Come in for happy hour and it is only $7!

Myluxefinds 24 days ago

Duck Fat Potato Hash

Just the name of this dish is enough to make your mouth water! It is SO delicious!! The potatoes come out perfectly crisp and just melts in your mouth. This is a MUST order side dish! You won't regret it!

Lycanthropetextiles 28 days ago

Old Fashioned

Made just right. My boyfriend is extremely critical of old fashioned's and he said this was absolutely perfect

Chanelabela5 29 days ago

Catfish Wild Magnolia Ettoufee

Can't wait to come back and try this again! The catfish was perfection--it was my first time trying it, but my dad is a catfish enthusiast. The portions are huge! So splitting and adding on the red beans and rice, as well as the greens were the perfect complement to this dish. The cabbage that accompanied was a pleasant surprise as well! The flecks of sausage throughout our meal was again a welcome surprise, we really enjoyed this!

Jlflora77 about 1 month ago

Alligator Andouille Cheesecake

This was an amazing discovery and the dinning experience was wonderful. We came and asked the staff (Ryne is the best) what they recommended and nothing they mentioned what what we had come expecting to get. We decided to take their suggestions and ended up with the best food I've had in a long time. If you've never had Cajun food or have had knock off Cajun food in the area, I highly suggest giving this place a good old college try. We had the alligator cheesecake and I know that sounds like something that might make you want to gag, but it's something I promise you you'd love to gag on.

Kr117d about 1 month ago

Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

The garlic cheddar biscuits were amazing!

Scarlett about 2 months ago

Ooey Gooey 'Better than Sex' Cake

This cake is awesome. Haha if you can actually manage to find room after dinner. It is fairly dense and moist, and comes with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. Best part of the desert is the caramelized bananas that they put on it though!

Scarlett about 2 months ago

Alligator Andouille Cheesecake

I had this just based off of the fact that eating alligator sounds completely novel. Was. Not. Disappointed. This cheesecake was amazing! The flavors all go together really nicely, and the crayfish sauce definitely brings the whole thing together. Perfect potion size too!

Nicab07 about 2 months ago

Pasta Jenny

Omg. This was so delicious. There was so much flavor in this dish. The perfect amount of spice. The sauce was creamy and perfectly cooked. I loved it! I definitely recommend this dish. They did not skimp in any part of this masterpiece!! It was a generous amount of food. Loved it. Had the boudin balls as an appetizer. They were also delicious, flavorful, and perfectly cooked. Will be a go to spot for me.

Andrew about 2 months ago

Old Fashioned

The best Happy Hour in North Park! Extremely well made Old Fashioned and the bartender was kind enough to put it in their awesome smoker for me. Very reasonably priced as well. Will definitely be back!


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