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Phifer 2 days ago

Crab Cake + Chicken Skin

At first I was embarrassed to order this dish (I was on a date!), but boy am I happy that I did! Everything just went together perfectly and it was far from greasy. We had a few side too (I'd lost all shame by this point)...the collard greens were perfectly cooked and seasoned, and I almost injured my date trying to get the last bite of goat cheese mashed potatoes. Be sure to start off with their house bottles Negroni!

Kyneshagilliam 4 days ago

Alligator Andouille Cheesecake

This dish was absolutely delicious. Its savory, creamy......just amazing. My all time favorite. I can eat this cheese cake everyday. If you haven't had it, go to Louisiana Purchase and try it. You won't be disappointed.

Tiffany.Nowden 4 days ago

Oyster Mushroom Petals

I haven't eaten meat in a few years, but this tastes like delicious fried chicken. The sweet potato fois mousse was like a tasty flavored butter to top of the experience. Crispy, hot, and delicious. You won't believe you are eating mushrooms.

Kimmi.Ducker 8 days ago

Dough Boy

The sweet-savory mixture of fruit and pork kept my taste buds interested as I dove into the much-needed ice cream which acts as a pallet cleanser throughout the orgasmic delight of the Dough Boy. In lighter terms. It's really F$cking Good!

Lindsay.Nehrer 2 days ago

Alligator Andouille Cheesecake

The waiter told us that we couldn't leave without getting this and he was SO right! The dish sounded odd to my boyfriend and I at first but the flavors of the savory cheesecake and the alligator go together beautifully! Was so delicious that we ate the whole thing! It's a big portion too! I second the waiter in that you can't leave LP without getting this signature dish!

Tiffany.Nowden 4 days ago

Collard Greens

I love this version of collards. A kick of spice and vinegar rounds out these delicious greens.

Thrasherhouse 7 days ago


Hello, I'll be coming to your restaurant next Saturday 21 Sep. Being a world traveler I have high expectations for your food and am sure you'll not disappoint. Can you suggest a few signature dishes for my group to try? I'll also be posting our experience on TripAdvisor as I'm a Senior writer for them. Thank you in advance. v/r Kurtis Thrasher The IT Missionary Domestic# 619.888.7585 International# +1 619.946.8704 Whatsapp# +1 619.888.7585 Google Hangout# 619.946.8704


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