About Us

Conveniently set on Louisiana Street in North Park, our design of this intimate cocktail restaurant was inspired by the charm and character of New Orleans, with creative touches of personal effects giving guests the feeling of warmth, community and fun.

Architect Jeff Svitak helped create a modern interpretation of a classic French Quarter restaurant, introducing elements of wood, marble and rich velvet. The lush patio seating flows seamlessly into our indoor dining space, a nod to the courtyards found across the beautiful southern city.

Our food menu features big and bold flavors from the region, and includes a monthly rotating "Neighborhood Tastes" section in addition to our set fare. On this menu, our Executive Chef experiments with fun new dishes based on seasonal ingredients and eclectic whims. Chef Quinnton Austin relocated to SD from NOLA for the opening of this restaurant, bringing with him an exciting wealth of knowledge and experience in the culinary melting pot that defines southern cuisine. Amongst his noteworthy creations thus far are his savory Alligator Andouille Cheesecake.

The restaurant also yields a must-visit cocktail bar encompassing all the flair of New Orleans, while avoiding the sugary hurricanes and hand grenades found on Bourbon Street. Instead, we focus on quality and craftsmanship, with modern plays on classics like our house Voo Doo Carre and Praline Old Fashion, in addition to a rotating cocktail menu and seasonal potions.

Mirroring the exuberance of Nola, our food and beverage program is a fun treat for the senses, ever-evolving to keep everyone coming back for more. We invite you to join us!